Cork Spouts

This product is mainly used for oil bottles, vinegar bottles, cruet sets and other containers where you have to dose the liquid.

It is made of natural cork or agglomerate, conical or fusiform and with plastic alimentary cane.

Galet Anna

Thought for quality oils wich look for a conjugation between a design and handy product.

The same cork that closes the bottle, becomes a spout once the interior security cork is removed.

Made of natural or dyed wood with a cork body of good quality and plastic chromeplated cane

Cork Spouts



Natural cork spout with a fusiform shape and a plastic alimentary cane for olive oil or vinegar.

Bottles of 1 liter, 3/4 liter and 1/2 liter.

Length 45mm. or 55mm.

Composed Conical Cork Spout

Agglomerated conical cork spout with alimentary plastic cane.

Any diameter.

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